The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Sometime during the fifth watching of The Hobbit since the DVD arrived….Don’t judge me…I stopped imagining myself as a warrior dwarf and marveled at the quiet hero, Bilbo Baggins and wondered which one I truly am?

Am I a Bilbo?  Do I sit comfortably in my life, then wander aimlessly around my empty house, only to run towards the adventure AFTER the dwarfs have taken the first steps?  Once in the adventure am I looking back, missing my old routine, the safely of coasting through life?  And will I eventually throw myself at the enemy/challenge because I know regret is worse than failure?

As I think about my life I suspect I am a kind of Bilbo.  Cautious and often skeptical of the risks. I was content with short stories in a protected arena with a friendly audience.  I was content with being the fun fluffy (fat) mom because I was basically healthy and happy in my life. I was content with cabinet doors that didn’t like to stay closed and avocado green appliances because so man have so much less. UNTIL the dwarfs threw open the doors to new adventures.  It took me a moment to run after them and join the quest.   I’m still nervous.  I still peer into the darkness a head and wonder what creatures await.  But I can see the Lonely Mountain and I can’t wait to get there!

Are you a Bilbo Baggins?  What adventure did you eventually LEAP into?  Any regrets? Are you Gandalf, giving the Bilbo’s in your life the nudge out of comfort? Maybe you are a Thorin the Dwarf King leading the way?