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Good morning all and Happy Monday to you. It’s happy for me, because it’s a Monday that feels like a Wednesday. We usually think of Wednesday as “hump day”, the day we look forward to because it signals we are half-way to the Friday finish line. Mondays that act like Wednesdays are rare indeed, therefore they must be appreciated and savored.

So, I’m savoring. I’m savoring despite the fact that when I walked out of my door this morning there was snow on the tops of the cars lining my street. SNOW! I was not prepared for the sight. I was certainly not prepared for the biting wind whipping those flakes around either. It’s too soon. Too soon for flakes and too soon to be talking about wind chill.

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But, I’m a delicate flower who every year inches closer to putting Northeast winters in her rearview, and as with most things, it could be worse. I could be somewhere like Minnesota where, sweet baby jeebus, they got more than two feet of snow over the weekend. Feet.

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Not Boston
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But I digress.

I know that my American friends and family are hip-deep in holiday prep, so I won’t keep you long. I’ll just share that one of the perks of University life is that not only do they spring us early on the day before a holiday, in an effort to avoid a mass exodus from campus, but Thanksgiving makes for a four day weekend. Oh, the possibilities the mind conjures to fill those four days. Standing on this side of them they seem to stretch out as far as the horizon. But, yes, I do realize that when I say ‘good morning’ to you this time next week, I’ll be wondering where they went.

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– Bigstock photo

A majority of the students on campus have already flown the coop, choosing to skip the rigors of their two day week and a lot of my colleagues seem to have taken the hint. I’ll be spending the rest of my work day counting the hours until I can pick up my holiday bonus (which comes in the form of a 10-14 pound turkey) and then go finish shopping for the ingredients (that I manage to forget every time I enter a grocery store) for the bourbon chocolate pecan pie and the cornbread/salt pork stuffing that I’ll be taking to Thanksgiving dinner.

Tomorrow will probably be spent sifting through the emails proclaiming that “Black Friday” sales have already begun and I’d better start shopping or I’m absolutely going to miss out on all the good stuff.

Wednesday, I’ll have to do some actual work. It is a given that those people who have bothered to come to campus on this day will suddenly remember that it’s a four day weekend and their business cannot wait until next week, so it really must be gotten off of their desk and on to mine – before 2:00pm.  I’m quite sure this phenomenon is not exclusive to this or any University campus and probably happens where you work as well – the day and time are the only variables.

No worries. I’ll leave at noon…and think about the pile that awaits, next Monday.


What are your plans for the week? Running around like the proverbial chicken without a head or easing on down the road? I hope you have a wonderful holiday, if you’re celebrating and, in any case, a lovely seven days until we meet again.