While I have fully flipped over into Christmas mode, I have one last post-Thanksgiving thing to share with any of you who celebrated that nearly two weeks ago (!) and maybe — like me — still are dealing with bits and pieces of leftovers. In my case, I wound up with a lot of corn bread dressing, and yesterday morning decided to finish it or throw it away.

To make it seem less like Thanksgiving dressing, I chopped up a jalapeño and a bunch of cilantro, put it all in a skillet with a little grapeseed oil and sautéed it until it was warmed through and slightly browned.


I’m so done with turkey. I added some shredded, roasted chicken…


…then topped it with some sharp cheddar and two over-easy eggs. A little warm salsa on the side. It was kind of like an open-face chicken tamale with eggs.


Really yummy, if I do say so myself. I couldn’t eat it all, but felt better disposing of the remains knowing my thrifty Scotch ancestry was appeased by my frugality.

Not everyone loves or even keeps and uses leftovers. Any other leftover hacks you want to offer to those of us who do as we continue our gastronomic over-indulgences the next several weeks?