Fergus, Sophie and Cousin Piper in their matching sweaters they got for Christmas

Fergus (left), Sophie (center) and Cousin Piper (right) in their matching sweaters they got for Christmas

As S. A. Young noted on Monday, the end of this year just keeps on delivering blow after blow of bad news. We barely have time to absorb one more death or massacre or assassination before another happens. 2016 has been a bout of cosmic rope-a-dope. I attended a memorial service yesterday for a dear friend who passed away two days before Christmas and four days after celebrating his birthday. Please. Enough.

More than once, I’ve written about how Fergus is my “therapy” dog. Every day, he amuses, entertains, and comforts me. That’s magnified whenever his little sister, Sophie, comes for a visit. She’s a pistol. Over Christmas, we had the added fun of their Texas cousin, Piper, visiting — a sweet little snuggle bug we got to meet for the first time. Here’s how it went when Fergus and Sophie were engaging in their Puppy WWE shenanigans with Piper looking on…her expression says it all.


Sadly, Piper had to leave to return to Texas on Tuesday, but Sophie gets to stay with us through the New Year! Today, Sophie had the new adventure of going to the puppy spa for her first grooming…here’s some “before” — still adorable, just needing a trim:

img_1851 img_1852





A few hours later, and she looks so grown up!


I’m thinking the bows aren’t going to last much longer…


No matter how awful the news, no one can stay down with the innocent attention and the love of and for our pets — in my case, it’s puppies. And I’m happy to share.