Some of us are getting a little impatient, if not exactly desperate, for Spring to finally arrive. One sure sign for me that we’re getting there is when the lambs start showing up! I love lambikins*. Yesterday, Fergus and I stopped the buckboard by one of the old lambing barns that we pass on our way in and out of town. It was his first up close look at these creatures and he was enchanted.

Fergus riveted

When we walked up to the fence, the lambs that had been clustered there all scampered off to their moms seeking protection and comfort. The ewes kept a wary eye on us the whole time, but everyone on both sides of the fence stayed mellow and minded our manners.

Lambikins moms giving Fergus’ mom the eagle eye

The mountains are still a little stark, but it won’t be long before the green will start to flush across the ridge.

In another few weeks, the foals will start to show up in the pastures at the edge of campus and that will be an exciting outing for wee Fergus — he goes a little nuts whenever a horse appears on the TV screen, I can’t wait to see what he does when he sees the real thing.

So, little by little, Spring is happening in my part of the world. The blooming trees are starting to pop, my daffodils have begun to bloom…

As I drove through the mountains to lower elevations yesterday, I saw all the permutations of emerging Spring. While we are still a little barren up here, the valleys are in full redbud and flowering tree glory, and I know that it’s coming our way. This video so beautifully captures this region at this time of year, I have to share…


And, after the sublime >>>> the ridiculous. This is currently Fergus’ favorite video.


I hope that wherever you are, you are able to appreciate Earth’s natural beauty.

Happy Fergus


* Not everyone around here harbors romanticized, childish notions about lambs — K R Brorman raised them as a youngster and they will always be livestock. However, I finally got her to try Persian lamb stew at one of our recent Retreats and she will now EAT lamb. Baby steps.