Real life, the blog move, and general ennui about the reach of this blog leave me scouring the bottom of a dry well for something of myself to share with our friends and readers.**

Do y’all really want to hear about weight loss stall out?

Gushing/venting over adult children in equal measure?

The Catch 22 of summer storms on the farm?

How much I enjoy gardening and yard work because they are guiltless distractions from the hard work of writing and housekeeping?

Yep, let’s go with gardening! Gardening with cats?  Even better.

Despite not being a morning person, I confess I’m much more productive before 10 am.  And we, the pets and I have developed a ritual for our mornings that includes a pass through the garden with the hoe. When we can anyway, blessed rain has prevented our task for over a week and the carpet of weeds was on the verge of taking over.

Usually, when I’m out there all three cats, Jr., Boo and Carrots will take turns attempting to kill me and demand affection by weaving through my feet, then laying in front of me halting all progress for tummy rubs.

I caught them in their natural state earlier this week.

Getting more joy from patio furniture than the humans. Jr & Carrots, Boo.

Today, only Carrots came with me, and as I raked up the weed carcasses I noticed him working beside me.  At first, I thought he was prepping for a poo.  But the longer I watched I realized he was “helping”.  This cat who shows the least personality or desire for human contact or interaction beyond food in the dish  – and never approval – was “raking” with me.

As sneaky as a double-knot spy, I pulled my iPod from my pocket and while I continued to move the rake with my left hand got a few second of video. You can see the paw scraped ground around him.  He got extra rubs.  Enjoy!

If you can’t tell he is insanely handsome too. The softest fur and long white whiskers and lashes.  This is also the cat who refuses to lap water from the dish but dips in a paw and brings the water to his mouth.

Do you have helper pets?  Or 15lb cats who wear ass groves in the furniture cushions?  Any other weird paw drinking cats in our tribe…erm pride?



**We do have BIG news – but not in time for this posting.  Maybe a special Saturday edition tomorrow.