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Good afternoon and happy Monday! Forgive me, but I have a bit of a sore head today, but it was totally worth it! My sister, whom I haven’t seen in nearly two years, came to visit!

After spending Saturday evening sitting around drinking wine, talking and laughing, we went to brunch yesterday for more talking and laughing, accompanied by appropriate brunch libations. Of course, we also ate some wonderful food, because we needed to keep up our strength and then did some touristy-type walking around Boston, to sweat out the alcohol and make room for more.

drinks, brunch, blogging, monday, Boston, S.A. Young, sisters

Last evening we got together for more of the same with one exception. It was just the two of us as my brother-in-law kindly (wisely? Presciently?) offered to stay back at the hotel.

Our night quite as wasn’t as raucous as this, but it could have been. We are most definitely still as cool as this:

Actually, it did look a bit like this:

with a lot of wine.

It still amazes me that this is the same person who used to make it her mission in life to make me miserable and for whom I did my best to return the favor. I’m not sure when the switch was flipped, but I’m so thankful that it did. As adults, we understand each other’s crazy and just like Cersei Lannister, will always have the other’s back when it comes to dealing with “anyone who isn’t us”. I regret that we wasted so much time when we were younger pretending not to like each other. There were a lot of “sister” things we missed out on, but I all I can do now is try not to squander any time we have together and not miss out on any more. I also wish that we didn’t live so far apart and one of us didn’t have to get on a plane for a sisterly hug. Maybe that will change someday.

Sisters share probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. – Margaret Mead

Now she’s gone home, it’s both Monday and raining and I don’t even feel like getting dressed. Poo.

Do you have a sister or sisters? Are you close? Were you always?
Whatever the case may be, I hope you have a great week!