this is me fergus

mom has been staring at her computer screen for a long time doing nothing her fingers are not moving on the little buttons that make words

a long time

long enough for her to throw balls and toys for me and sophie to fetch about a thousand times

im tired but sophie isnt she never gets tired

it makes me growl but then we wrestle and i like that a lot

but now im tired and sitting on moms lap writing her blog because she isnt doing anything anyway

mom gets tired of doing nothing i guess because she gets up and wipes the kitchen counters and makes the box where she puts all the dishes i want to lick go then she fills the birdfeeders i love that and me and sophie get to run around like crazy dogs then we get treats because we come when mom calls us in

then mom cuts her bangs because she says she cant write when she cant see then she spends a long time cleaning every little piece of hair out of the sink while me and sophie watch to make sure she does it right then she picks us up and sits us on the bathroom counter to brush our teeth

i dont mind it so much i guess because the paste she puts on the little brushy thing tastes like beef sophie needs more practice because she keeps jumping off the counter and then its a game where mom and i chase her to catch her and sit her back on the counter and then we do it all again

and again

i get my toothpaste in the long hair on my ears so mom brushes and brushes and brushes my ears to get them clean again then she picks up her computer but she doesnt do anything but stare at it

so im doing her job and sophie keeps bringing balls and woobies for mom to throw while i do everything


this is sophie barking to make mom throw toys

okay thats my favorite woobie that sophie has in her mouth so ive gotta go now