As we get closer and closer to the release date for Eden’s Fall, we’ve decided and let it be known to our friends and followers that we will be creating and launching a new website to complement our marketing efforts and enhance our communications with everyone. K R Brorman, S A Young and I have spent a fair amount of time just looking at the many “themes” available for purchase and/or downloading to replace our somewhat outdated look. Our goal is to keep our identity, some familiar visuals while making our new site look professional and updated while adding features. All without hiring a professional website designer … Having made a decision, I took the action to obtain, download and customize our new theme. No pressure.

I have some technical skillz, but I am not a website designer or computer programmer. Therefore, I was happy we’d chosen a theme that said it was easy to customize and no coding skill was required.


Two weeks and many, many emails back and forth with technical support, I have thrown in the towel.

I will never get back all those hours and days spent reading FAQs and support forums, or learning new apps so that I could create our jazzy new header and “build” new pages for the site, but I learned a great deal. Not the least of which: if it sounds too good to be true, it is. And: maybe we don’t need a Mercedes when a really good Toyota might work well.

So, I’m off to research a couple of finalists for a new theme. I know what to look for and what to avoid. I think.

Wish me luck.