B3 (bonus brag blog).

As promised, my garden and fledgling photography.*


Writer, Writer procrastinator

How does your garden grow?

Oh, my gosh!

Three kinds of squash

Front left, Zucchini – Right center, Cucumber bed – Center, Ronde de nice – Back left-center, Yellow Summer

Hot peppers all in a row.

Writer, Writer procrastinator

What is the clicking sound?

A new toy I’ve found

Ronde De Nice, from CC Cedras’ seeds

 To tinker around

Smile and say cheese for me, please.


Writer, Writer procrastinator

Perhaps the pen is your calling

Something’s not right

Your photo’s too bright

Just say good night


Take a nap in the shade.

Oh, and here is a bean.**

green beans in my shadow


*I took a college class 20 odd years ago, with a heavy emphasis on the style of Ansel Adams.  We had FILM and a dark room.  I have a bit of catching up to do in this area.

**The best photo I took, I obviously need lessons on controlling the light or when to take the best photos. It’s getting cloudy now. I might go give it another go. To see how I’m doing with photography, gardening, cooking, updates on our book series and other work, follow me on Instagram.