We’ve got some things to celebrate around here today. First and foremost, we wish K R Brorman a very happy birthday! Woohoo!

We toast a woman who has – more times than I like to admit – held our feet to the fire, motivated us when we were sluggish or blocked, found and shared innumerable articles on the craft of writing a novel, provided inspiration in the form of imaginative ideas for character and plot development, and who has brought us such compelling protagonists and (more importantly) antagonists in Eden’s Fall. I know you can’t wait for this debut novel in our series!

*sips champagne*

In related news, we are revealing, here, today, for the very first time, the cover for Eden’s Fall (planned for release in September 2017)!

Are you excited? Are you ready? Does your glass need a refill? Here we go! Fergus, drum roll please …

A little more enthusiasm would be nice, dearest.

So, where was I? *sips champagne* *reads what she just wrote* Cover reveal!


Cover reveal version 1


Isn’t it great? Dramatic … sexy … intriguing … evocative … intense … vivid … a tad haunting …


*sips champagne*


Here’s another version of the cover display.


Cover reveal version 2

Also fabulous, in my humble opinion, for subtly different reasons.

There is a very good reason we share both of these with you today. We want you to vote on your preference! The photo that gets the most votes will be featured on the new website that we plan to launch soon, and the readers who voted will be named on the website! Please tell us in the comments which cover display you like best. Will it be Cover reveal version 1, or version 2?¹ We can’t wait to see which one you like best!

Don’t go away. We’re not done celebrating!


*refills glass*

No cover would be complete without the blurb. “Blurb” is a fancy, technical term for the summary description of the novel you typically see on the back cover. We have one of those!

*sips champagne*

*throws ball for Fergus*


Right. Let me share it with you.

New romantic suspense from first time author K R Brorman, with C C Cedras and S A Young.

The most depraved purveyor of the 21st century slave trade reaches around the globe into the most unlikely little life.

Kenna Campbell had a perfectly good plan.

Dump the abusive ex.
Open her own art gallery.
Live independently.

Love wasn’t in the cards.

Everything was going according to plan until the night her best friends, Candace and Frankie, helped her crash a society ball to sell a painting and she met Ret. Lieutenant Colonel Lucius Chaerea. Lucius was a detail she hadn’t foreseen and she knew he would break her heart. Despite her fears, Kenna lowers her defenses.

Lucius had resigned himself to a life in the shadows. Deploying a vast network cultivated in his years with SAS Intelligence, his God-given instincts and a select team of former soldiers, he fights the rising tide of terror and those who would profit from chaos and evil. His chance meeting with Kenna throws a bright, warm light into his heart and life. He would gladly exchange that life to keep her safe.

When tragedy strikes, the bonds of friendship send Kenna, Candace and Frankie around the world and into the web of human trafficking. Will that bond be enough to ensure their survival?

Fans of Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown and Christina Dodd will be captivated by the danger and romance in this first novel of the Stilettos, Stoli & Scribbles series.


*sips champagne*

I love it. I’m hooked and I’ve read it quite a few times. Every time it gets better.

Eden’s Fall is in the final stages of proofreading, then we have some housekeeping to take care of, the website to finish (about which I am far more optimistic, now that we’ve brought in a professional) and the grand experiment of uploading our novel to the distribution sites, such as Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, et al. Wish us luck!

*sips champagne*

I need a nap. Looks like we both do.

¹ Personally, I can’t decide.