Before anyone, including my partners in crime, think I’ve gone off my nut – this is not about politics. Not really.

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I blew off my turn at the keyboard yesterday because the well was dry. I’m so sick of zucchini!  The kids are back in school. Progress on Eden’s Fall is progressing but nothing to announce just yet…soon I promise.  We all agreed – following the advice of author platform gurus not to discuss religion or politics. But in today’s world, we can’t even discuss the weather without risking the third rail of conversation – religion and politics.  Have you been on social media?

I think it’s safe to say we – at least here in America have forgotten how to disagree, how to have civil discourse and frankly how all of this works.

Why? How did we forget?  We are only a few hundred years old, quite young for a nation. I believe it’s because we stopped teaching the fundamentals of how.

Richard Dreyfuss began several years ago campaigning for the return of Civics in the classrooms.  He’s absolutely right. Listen.


Don’t have 15 minutes for a TED Talk?  How about four?  Richard Dreyfuss on Civic Education.

America won’t be great because of a political party or politicians. Their only purpose as they exist now is to get re-elected and maintain power for the party. It won’t be great because of military might. Our military is designed to protect not create. We will live up to our greatness because we the people take responsibility for it and TEACH our children how.

“To teach our kids how to run our country, before they are called upon to run our country…if we don’t, someone else will run our country.”
– Richard Dreyfuss

Find out more about The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative

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I was never taught civics, and am shocked to discover how much “we the people” tolerate from elected officials because we don’t know what to do with our power to self-govern.  Did you get civics classes? Do you wish they would bring them back to the classroom?


NO POLITICS PLEASE!  There are other venues to vent about current and former leaders/policies/etc.  I realize we have many followers from other countries and welcome discussion and insight on how civics are taught where you live.