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Somewhere over the rainbow hump is more accurate.

All day have had that “I left the iron on” feeling.

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It’s iron-y (I know it’s 2017)

Finally figured out why – The first day of Fall was my target for Eden’s Fall release day….and I’m not quite there.  BUT we’re close.

  • Formatting is done
  • Amazon pages are waiting to go live
  • Support teams and subscriber list is growing
  • Digital and print proofs are being proofed – only two mistakes so far**
  • Blub and page specs sent to cover designer for final cover PDF
  • ARC readers at the ready – Have you volunteered yet?  Let us know.
  • Winter’s Thaw warming up for 2017 retreat treatment

I had a few BAGs (Big Ass Goals for the 3rd quarter of 2017) #1 on that list was to publish Stay and Eden’s Fall.  I can see this particular pot of gold, and it’s scary!

The reality of how far we’ve come and how close we are hit hard yesterday when SA’s office staff surprised her with an Eden’s Fall Congratulations Party.  We were all deeply moved by the gesture, and for me, it served as that last hoorah! to see this through.


Be sure to grab your free copy of Stay, and keep your eyes open for Eden’s Fall.

Do you have BAGs for Fall?


**word has it two has increased significantly. “I can’t believe no one caught these before.” ~ CC Cedras (9/22/17 10:32 PM CST)