Here’s what happened…

NaNoWriMo Office: “We NEED a Municipal Liason for your area.”

Me: “What the hell? Why not?”


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Friend: “You should come do morning work-outs with us.”

Me: “What the hell? Why not?” <<< That would be 5:30 AM! Every. Day.


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Heart: “You could do a lot of writing this NaNo.”

Me: “What the hell? Why not?”


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Brain: “Our plate is getting a little full.”

Me: “Hold my beer.”

Because no great story begins with someone eating a salad; no one got famous on the internet for putting the helmet ON; we never know what we can do until we accept the challenges and say “hold my beer.”

I put on the Freshman Fifteen” with and for my kids. While I’ve maintained a healthy diet and yo-yo’d around those fifteen or twenty extra lbs, I never reached my WLS* goal. Time to add CONSISTENT fitness. Week 2, Day 4 checked off this morning.

If we cannot explain a concept, lesson, story, to someone else; we don’t understand it well enough. My area needed an ML and maybe just maybe I can help someone over or through a writing/publishing challenge. If I can’t, I’ll learn and grow in my craft.

Had we listened to the world there would be no Eden’s Fall. Critique, or Criticism? Hmm It’s worth noting here that the bulk of Eden’s Fall was drafted in the 2013 NaNoWriMo.** This year for the first time (I think) all three of us have accepted the NaNoWriMo Challenge. That’s a BIG deal!

There are always opportunities to do the unknown, new, and a little scary. So what if we fail?  Take the challenge! Say, “what the hell?” Tell the world/person/self that doubts us, “hold my beer” and go for it!


What’s your big challenge for this month? Year? 2018?



*November 13, will be my six year anniversary of Weight Loss Surgery.

**This is my fourth NaNoWriMo and third novel drafted.