Not end of the world drama, but quite a week here on the farm. Last Saturday….wait, let me back up. TWO Saturday’s ago…wait, six WEEKS ago FDIL (future daughter-in-law – Kelsey) began her family practice rotation for PA school and we, ok ‘I’ volunteered to mind her cat. Minnie is a rescue and doesn’t warm to strangers quickly. Mercifully, her anxiety doesn’t manifest with body functions on my carpets but instead is an uncanny ability to meow at a pitch akin to nails on a chalkboard for hours. The good news for us and Min was her affinity for the seclusion and protection of the garage.

However, we developed a routine. Kelsey was here Friday afternoons through Monday mornings, and during the week I would leave the door to the garage open for Minnie to come in when she was comfortable. By week three the whining and hissing phase passed, and Minnie was content to be part of the household – including Stella and the “big cats.”

Jr & Carrots and Boo July morning 2017

Minnie & Stella providing writing support.

Jump to Saturday two weeks ago. Hubs comes in GUSHING…I do not exaggerate here. He had a pup-crush on a sweet dog he saw outside Gebo’s during an adoption event. Such was his infatuation, I searched and found her. Stella and I went to another adoption day last Saturday to do a meet and greet. Charlie is a doll!  Every other dog there was barking, snarling, pawing at the kennels. But not Charlie, she stood wagging her tail smiling at anyone who passed by. The adoption group agreed to a trial foster-to-adopt and Charlie came home with us!

Charlie, 1 1/2 yr old female Catahoula

Perhaps Minnie felt the end of her stay. Perhaps it was the need for relaxed and calm evenings. By Wednesday, Minnie was assuming her position on Hubs’ lap – they were looking at tractors – or on the floor with Charlie and Stella, all three snoozing around my chair.

This is the man who “doesn’t like cats.”

Hubs -” I wish I had a camera. The estrogen circle and their queen.” *


The cherry on this week’s Sundae….I had the FIRST Eden’s Fall book signing on Monday!  “They” said our book sales wouldn’t come form family and friends. THEY have been wrong. We won’t get “famouser than Davy Crockett”** with F&F sales but maybe just maybe we will be bold enough to write a few more and see how this author thing plays out, because our tribes have shown up and made it worth the five plus years of work.***

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*All three are spayed, but he got the queen part right. #thatsmystory

**Forrest Gump

***2017 NaNoWriMo project is coming along nicely. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.”