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After completing the 30 day free trial of 2018, we’ve decided to continue the service.

I have some exciting firsts for you today.

  • The first scene of my 2017 NaNoWrioMo project.
  • Firsts from Winter’s Thaw and Venus Rising.
  • Our first book promo for Eden’s Fall with other authors offering the first novels in a series.

Smoke (excerpt)

Grass fire in Oldham Co Texas

Nothing freezes a human being in place faster than the sound of a snake’s rattle. The smart humans anyway. Even those who have never seen or heard the stomach curdling, spine tingling sound know. Some primordial center of the brain grips every muscle. Those who ignore this signal or panic risk a nature’s wrath. Sunny Montgomery couldn’t see the tell-tale diamonds or spear shaped head, but her ears and instinct worked and there was one pissed-off creature close by.

“Hey, there brother. I’m not here to bother you.” She swept her eyes over the charred remnants of grass and spikes new green growth. No snake in front of her. So, stupid. I probably stepped right over him. The reason for her uncharacteristic distraction momentarily forgotten.

She dropped her left hand to her side, letting her camera swing free around her neck. No sound. Wiggled her fingers. Silence. A little wave. Nothing. She blew out a deep relieved breath. The instant harsh click-tick-bzzzzzz traveled up her spine. The shiver rattled her bones as loud as that tail. “Sonofabitch! I can wave, but no breathing. Got it. Now I have to pee. Where are you?”

She tried the same hand move with her right side. “Oh, yeah. There you are.” She couldn’t see it, but at least she had a general direction. Right on my ass.


Tripp Collins watched the suspicious vehicle snake through his back forty. From a small rise in the pasture he studied the driver. “What the hell is she doing?” He adjusted his field glasses. He didn’t know what offended him more her presence on his land or that shitty cock-sucker, Coachella reject, cowboy hat.  Is she waving at me?

He gave a barely audible click of his tongue and his horse broke into a slow gallop across the grass. The irritation of its rider transferred to fifteen hundred pounds of muscle, both determined to remove this uninvited guest.


The dust from the horse hooves pounding across the grass hung in the air, ten minutes before horse and rider got to her. She’d zoomed in on the cowboy as close as she could with this lens.  Marlboro Man. He was clipped straight out of one of the magazines her grandmother had saved under her bed. She assumed he was a ranch hand or an owner, of the now famous Tripp Ranch.  Famous for spring wildfires that took the lives of six people, fire and rescue vehicles, and hundreds of head of cattle.

“You’re trespassing.” Mr. Marlboro said. The red roan gelding snorted toward the clicking from her camera, then backed away beating its hooves on the ground. The Marlboro Man muttered a string of curses and pulled a rifle from his saddle.

Sunny raised both hands, still holding the camera, her finger on the shutter capturing his every move. They don’t really shoot trespassers, do they? “Whoa! Dude!”

He climbed down, moving as slow as she had. “Where is it?”

She realized the rifle wasn’t for her, yet. “Behind me, I think.”

“Don’t move. It’s not going to warn again.”  He sighted down the barrel and focused on the ground behind her. “Do. Not. Move.” The BOOM! Rang in Sunny’s ear, but she didn’t move. “Good girl.” Somehow it wasn’t condescending. He returned the rifle to the saddle and pulled a knife from its sheath on his belt. “You’re trespassing.” He knelt and in two swift cuts removed the head and three-inch rattle.


Winter’s Thaw (Candace sees Mike for the first time since Istanbul in Eden’s Fall)

The poker face she’d perfected way back in her moot court days was severely challenged when she opened the door and saw the large, blond, grinning countenance for the first time in several months. He was leaning on the wall across the hall from her door, hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans, a long, wool overcoat hanging open from broad shoulders. She inhaled sharply, and his grin widened.

“Ms. Fisher.”

Candace rolled her eyes and stood back, holding the door wide and sweeping her arm like she was welcoming him to Windsor palace. “Welcome to my humble abode.”


Venus Rising (The first of many surprises)

“Well, what do you think?” Will leaned against the stable gate. A huge sorrel head with a brilliant white blaze nuzzled his shoulder.

“What do you mean what do I think? I think it’s a horse?” Frankie said.

“Well, you’re the reason I bought him. Thought it was time you two met.”


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