Some of you know me well enough to know one of my guilty pleasures is certain “reality” TV competition shows: The Voice (the first 2018 Season is on now) is one¹. This video is of my favorite “Battle Round” performance this week, although all of them were really good. Shows like this feed into another of my afflictions (there are so many). I have a problem with earworms² …

My current, most-played earworm, “These Dreams,” was one of this week’s battles. The contestants’ performance was very good, but I much prefer Nancy and Ann Wilson’s version. As my brain plays this over and over, it’s Heart I hear. And now I’m singing it aloud because I watched the video again. Let’s see if it infects you too.

This is a fly-by from me this week. I’m/we’re in the last act of crafting the Winter’s Thaw manuscript, and I don’t want to get sidetracked any more than 12 inches of snow and four-and-a-half days of power outages have caused me this week. Right at this moment, the sun is shining through wispy clouds and it’s 72 degrees. Snow still sits in shady places — and I have lots of shady places — but it’s March 29 and hope springs eternal that this month, in fact, goes out like a lamb.

¹ But not American Idol. Nope. Never have watched American Idol, not sure why, but think it may have to do with the host and judges who annoy me.

² There is some good rock and roll at that link. I went down the rabbit hole for several minutes, listening.