Fergus and Sophie, my boon companions, on a frigid day this week — it’s now going on 70 degrees.

Sophie, my “niece” and Fergus’ half-sister, is visiting for a few weeks while her mom is being a road warrior for work. Meanwhile,

… we are working our way through the first draft of Winter’s Thaw (already in second revision round), which means a lot of hours with my butt in a desk chair. KRB, SAY and I are getting pretty excited, even though I’ve blown through our, admittedly optimistic, milestones. But, it will all be worth it.

These two things go together.

I have two little shadows everywhere I go. If I’m sleeping, they book-end me on the bed. If I’m eating breakfast, they’re watching every morsel that enters my mouth. Or, they’re napping in the doggy playpen next to my breakfast table. If I’m heading out in the car, they’re turning in circles and doing back flips to go with me. If I’m in the garden, they’re “helping.” If I’ve been sitting at the computer longer than they can stand, they insist we play for awhile. Anyway, I’ve taken some pics the past several days to share with you. A day in my life.

Because everyone loves puppies.

Good morning!

Those eggs smell like they have cheese

If you’re not going to share, then fine







*snores* Wake us when you’re done

You’re done?







Sophie: what’s it going to take to get you to throw this duckie?

Sophie is a pillow girl. Fergus is a photo bomb.

Yin-yang, these two

What ever you’re doing, we can help!






Sophie: are you sure you’re done for the day? Just checkin’.

Fergus: She LOOKS like she’s done for the day …








Good night