I caught me a ‘coon! And I’ve been waiting a WEEK,  yes a whole week to tell you about it!

Not this guy….

Image result for Raccoon writing meme

Thursday last – that’s writerly wordsmithing for “last week” – Stella and I did a quick trip to town, 45 miles each way so “quick” is subjective. She killed it on the loose leash in Tractor Supply BTW!  We got the Blue Buffalo treats!

As you may have guessed, as awesome as she is, Stella is not the star of the story. We were in search of a critter cam! For months now, the neighbor’s Tom cat has been paying regular visits to the yard. The food is free after all.  I assumed HE was the reason my cats were on the front porch every morning and the ridiculous winds were blowing over the trashcan where we keep the cat food.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Critter Cam!

Hey, free food! Is the Purina??

Who’s the asshole who keeps putting this brick over the buffet?

Hey Cletus! They have Purina!  – Make a hole dude, I’m coming in!

Did you hear sumpin?

Probably one of those stupid Critter Cams. Cheese suckers! Ef you and your brick!

Just another day on the farm.  Permanent relocation measures to be taken next week. They aren’t bears vs bird feeders, but a nuisance just the same. Protecting the pets and property comes before Trash Panda Buffets.

l-r: Jr, Carrots, Boo