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The Brorman, not Hobbit variety. I can hear my spawn making vertically challenged jokes from here.

I’m a  bit late with this blog, but as my friend, Holly says, “better late than pregnant.”  And it’s only late in the literal sense in that my turn at the pen was Aug 16, CC generously offered up her spot on the 23rd when it became obvious I was not going to get anything turned in that week. I’ve been toying with this post for three days, so if you stand on your head and squint…this post is actually right on time!

Two weeks ago, Mom and I took off on a road trip.  I’ve talked before about buried treasures, and this trip had many if not buried, certainly hidden. Our destination was a notorious speed trap between Waco and Austin. Rogers, Texas. Speed trap no more, Rogers is a hidden gem in the making, and the sparkle that drew us is a home interior shop called Veranda Bloom.

But, but, but what about Waco?? Home of Fixer Upper! The Magnolia Silos! Yeah, we’re human. We stopped and if you are Fixer Upper fans and want your Six Flags-esque souvenir coffee mug or tea towel – it’s worth the stop. The renovations to the property are impressive, and I gotta say Chip & Joanna are marketing geniuses. Stop by the bakery, the cookies are worth the wait in line.  Be sure to head across the street to The Foundry – we didn’t have time to go inside, but it’s for sure a stop on our next trip.

We stayed in Salado, TX the first night and had a lovely happy hour at The Barton House restaurant. Get the Candied Bacon Tabla, you’ll thank me later.

Friday morning we hit the road for Rogers.  Uncharacteristically early we arrived before Veranda Bloom opened at 10am. So, Mom and I decided to check out the little place up the street. Vis-a-vis Galleria. Also open at 10am, but they were early that day too….here’s the unexpected part!

As we milled around and ooh’d and ahh’d over some of the treasures – Vis-a-vis is a consignment galleria and well done, they have not allowed excessive dumping of grandma’s porcelain figurines or junk to clutter the booths – we found a rack of half price “travel clothes” you know the ones that don’t wrinkle and don’t cling. We carried an armload into the dressing room. I was half out of my blouse when I heard Mom gasp, “Oh my gosh!”  Honestly, I thought she’s seen a snake or something. It is the dead middle of summer in South Texas.

Instead, she’d turned the corner out of the dressing room to run smack into a long lost friend, Diana. Now, I’ve been hearing about Diana for years. She’s an interior design savant!  Talk about someone who needs her own TV show! *coughcough*  The trip would have been worth it for this reunion alone.  Diana is one of those rare persons who, when faced with life’s adversity and sorrow finds and creates beauty – much the way she can see the potential and beauty in things the rest of us might perceive as junk or ruined furniture.

Much like the little shop that might be overlooked a short drive away from the remodel /interior design mecca of Waco…Seriously if you are destined for Waco, plan to go a little further and check out Veranda Bloom, Vis-a-vis and, and, and before I forget – the Dancing Bee Winery in Rogers, Texas.

We left Rogers that day with ALL the seats folded down in my suburban and were wishing we’d pulled the trailer too.  We will be back!

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Taken from Veranda Bloom Facebook page