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The same thing we do every year…..

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Take over the world is more of a Five Year Plan. This year we do have some BIG things coming

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Our most exciting news is Winter’s Thaw!  We are working hard and fast with our editor, cover designer, proofreaders to get this baby out into the world. Can’t wait?? Check out the updated Eden’s Fall for a sneak peak. Have we mentioned Eden’s Fall won a Major Award??

We are also gearing up to deepen our connection with you all through our newsletter. Now, WE hate getting flooded with junk email and promised, from our first email to not spam or give our readers the hard sell every time you open something. We are aiming for bi-monthly, tops!  And extra special features –

  • Deleted scenes
  • Character files
  • Sneak previews
  • Playlists
  • Recommended reads – WITH a wine, cocktail and/or nibblie pairing of course
  • Book-to-movie favorites
  • Book Bargains and new authors
  • Recipes
  • FREE stuff!!
  • Everyone’s favorite – PETS! Fergus, Stella, Morty and the cats are all ready for their close-ups

Last but not least is Venus Rising. Fans of Eden’s Fall have waited, not always patiently, for Winter’s Thaw and we, like you, don’t want eighteen months to pass before finding out what happens next to Kenna, Candace & Frankie!

Don’t wait! Click over to our Home Page, scroll down and sign up for our newsletter, Mélange à Trois.