It is Day 6 of this crazy exercise we practice every spring of setting our clocks forward an hour. In November, we’ll “fall back” an hour. This swing from so-called Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time and back messes with my head and my body every time we shift forward and back like jet lag. This losing an hour in the spring is always worse, but once I adjust, I love it. Having more daylight later in the day fits my normal rhythm better (I am decidedly not a morning person — I have always been more productive later in the day). My mood improves, and I’m more physically active. That has to be good right?

I blame Congress. This time shifting is an antiquated notion that serves no useful purpose in the 21st century — if it ever did.

Daylight savings time began in Germany as a means to save energy during World War I. In World War II, the United States made DST permanent year-round from 1942 to 1945. It worked fine then, I’m assuming. Why did Congress go back to the bifurcated time system? Who knows, but, in 2005, when they extended it by about a month on each end, it was said in some circles that it was to allow legislators more tee time for their golf games. I can believe it because it benefits next to no one at this point. We suffer through standard time’s grim darkness for a mere 18 weeks out of 52. What’s the good in that?!

Individual states have passed legislation to make DST permanent, but until the US Congress acts, nothing really changes. I understand there’s bipartisan legislation, called “The Sunshine Protection Act” pending. Our dysfunctional Congress hasn’t accomplished much that everyone can agree on for a long time, but maybe this one thing will bring them together.

Fergus and I have our fingers crossed.

Why do moms always show people embarrassing pics of their kids? LOL

PS – work continues apace on Winter’s Thaw! Stay tuned, cover reveal is coming up, and book release in April (we hope).