Your intrepid writers: K. R. Brorman, S. A. Young and C. C. Cedras

Over the years, we’ve shared so many things about our lives — and so have you. We feel like we’re all friends already! As we get ready to launch the first of the books in our Stilettos, Stoli and Scribbles series of contemporary romantic suspense novels, we wrote some individual biographies that will be the basis of what we publish in the back of our books. In alphabetical order…

K. R. Brorman

K. R. and husband Gregg have lived on their family farm in Texas, just off Route 66, for nearly twenty-five years where they raised two children – smart, funny, sarcastic and independent creatures who appear frequently and not always voluntarily in her blog posts and social media updates. Now that the nest is empty, she and her lost-and-found sidekick, Stella, take long walks in K. R.’s perpetual pursuit for health and fitness, and to train to become certified for visitation therapy.  Follow their adventures on Instagram #WalksWithStella #writingfit

Often called a daydreamer by teachers, K. R. has channeled her creative streak and imagination into catering and event design for the last fifteen years.

Living in the Texas Panhandle, K. R. was a die-hard true crime/murder mystery junkie. She scoffed at romance novels, “Anyone can do that!” until a friend challenged her to write romantic fiction…and there the story begins. Writing and editing skills learned in college quickly revived when she wrote a well-received contemporary romantic novella for an online forum. She began to read romance novels, consuming some of everything under the romance umbrella.  She would plow through an author’s series in a matter of days or weeks: the romantic suspense of Nora Roberts, Christina Dodd and Sandra Brown; the paranormals of JR Ward and Sherilynn Kenyon while continuing to add to the body count with Michael Connolly, Karin Slaughter, John Sanford and others.  She boasts an impressive audio library that feeds her literary cravings and keeps the dust bunnies at bay.

For the past eight years, she’s commandeered a corner of the dining table to collaborate with her partners, C. C. Cedras and S. A. Young, on a series of contemporary romantic suspense novels.  The novella that started it all is available free for subscribers to the Stilettos, Stoli and Scribbles Newsletter (coming soon!).

C. C. Cedras

C. C. has been reading since she started her collection of Little Golden Books before kindergarten and writing since she was given a (manual) typewriter for her fourth Christmas. Growing up, she always thought she wanted to be a reporter so that’s what she studied to be before pivoting into law school and becoming a lawyer for the next too-many-to-tell-you-without-crying years. Lots of reading and writing involved there, but not the fun kind.

For the thousands of hours she spent on airplanes flying all over the place – because she can never sleep on airplanes – her preferred reading was romantic fiction – all kinds. With her friends K. R. Brorman and S. A. Young, she’s been writing contemporary romantic suspense for the past eight years. The first in their series of Stilettos, Stoli and Scribbles novels – Eden’s Fall – is set for launch the Summer of 2017.

Let’s see, who are her favorite authors? Too many to name and they cover too many genres to list. A short list will always include Diana Gabaldon, Anne Bishop, Karin Slaughter (we all love her), Elizabeth George, Martha Grimes, Nelson DeMille, Karen Marie Moning…not such a short list, after all.

A Native Texan, C. C. grew up, went to school and worked all over the United States, and traveled the world until moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her late husband, Keith – her greatest cheerleader in this writing venture and every other shiny thing that captured her eye and imagination. Sadly, this American hero is no longer with us, but his humor, curiosity, strength, character and sexiness are and always will be reflected in all of her male protagonists.

Currently, she (still) reads and listens to audiobooks whenever she’s not writing, helping family and friends with legal problems, or volunteering on boards and committees at the nearby university. C. C. loves to garden and cook what she grows, and takes long walks in the woods with her wee Fergus, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Extraordinaire.

S. A. Young

S. A. is one-third of the triumvirate of writers responsible for the Stilettos, Stoli and Scribbles novels. Event planner for Boston College by day, when she’s not writing, it’s a good bet S. A. can be found at the movies. She’s been known to pay to see what she “knows” will be a bad one, just to get her hands on some movie popcorn. A self-described cinemaniac, she has written on and off about film for years, including her own film blog, She also has a head full of useless information and an obnoxiously good memory, fulfilling one of her life’s ambitions when she appeared on Jeopardy.  She’s currently waiting for Alex Trebek to retire so that she can try again – and this time she vows to bet it all on the final.

S. A. is a collector of hats, including the one she used to wear as a professional baker. Having hung up her apron, she still spends a lot of time in her laboratory/kitchen experimenting with old recipes until they become something new and then forcing her friends and coworkers to act as guinea pigs. S. A. is addicted to shopping for clothes and shoes, which means her tiny closets are in a constant state of flux as she fills donation bags to make room for more.

She’s a lover of dogs, though currently she can’t have one and follows the antics of Stella and Fergus as well has his little sister Sophie as any doting “aunt” would. She also spends an inordinate amount of time watching kittens and pandas do funny things on YouTube.

While she admits to being a newbie when it comes to romance, and thanks her co-writers for introducing her to the genre, S. A. is a voracious reader. She’ll read anything handy, even the back of a cereal box, and spent a summer in college painting quotes from Tom Robbins’ “Still Life with Woodpecker” on her bathroom wall. She counts James Lee Burke, Martin Cruz Smith, Dennis Lehane and Karin Slaughter among her many favorites.

S. A. is a transplanted Hoosier who grew up listening to the sound of the Speedway and now lives in Boston, MA and when the wind is right she can hear the roar of the crowds watching her beloved Red Sox play in Fenway Park.

 Follow her on Twitter at @SAYoungwriter.