I remember David Wallace giving me a “real Valentine’s card” in the 4th grade. Not one of those box of 100’s we passed out to EVERY classmate.

I remember The Husband giving me 2 roses on our first Valentine’s Day. (Only dating 2 months so it was appropriate – he got cookies)

I remember hand made cards from Kindergarten art – TWICE!  They are around here somewhere.

But yesterday I received the Valentine that touched my heart more than any before.  A text, from my Dad.


Maybe, because it was unexpected.  Maybe, the simplicity.  Maybe, because he got his in first.  Maybe, because it’s the only one I can remember that wasn’t from “Mom & Dad”.  Who knows? But that simple note carried more love and affection that any flowers, macaroni construction paper project or glitter covered Hallmark creation.

“A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life.”
– Irish Proverb ~ Spencer Tracery in Father of the Bride

With Dad