genius fish

Look at me. Look at me. Said the fishy swimming free.

Look at me. Look at me. Said the kitty in the tree.

You have fur. You can climb!  Said the fishy with a sigh.

You have fins and rainbow scales. Said the kitty with a….

Yeah I got nothing.

And thus ends today’s lesson.   I am not Dr Seuss, nor should I try to be, nor should I be judged a poor writer for not being.  Or judged a poor cook because I’m not on TV.  Or judged a poor parent because I’m not Mother Theresa…erm, you get the point.  Nor should WE (the fish) judge ourselves for not climbing trees.

How many of us fish waste so much precious life trying to be cats?  How many of us, because we believe the cats are cool or are having more fun or won’t like us, squander our fishiness trying to climb trees?

Are you a fish trying to climb trees? Are you trying to embrace someone else’s passion instead of your own?  Remember what Dorie says. “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. La la la la la…laaaa-ah…laaaa-ah. LOOOOOAH!”