DSC00310I suppose it’s a testament to my eternal hope for humanity that I’m still left gobsmacked at the things people say and type for all the world see.

There I was perusing an innocent facebook Q&A of Devil Wear…excuse me Spanx, and the words “pee hole” LEAP from my screen, pierce my eyeballs and burrow into my brain.

“Pee hole?  PEE HOLE!! Are you serious!?!”  I asked Iris The Wonder Weiner.  I could tell she was as incensed as I by the questioning arch of her bow and complete lack of movement on her fluffy bed.

This woman has a computer!  She could have looked that up!

In case you are lost, Spanx  graciously includes an open gusset in their support garments.  Why?  Because putting them on is akin to putting on a bicycle tire tube and the process of removal for bodily functions is unthinkable for most wearers.  We WILL refuse beverages for up to eight hours.  Only in the most desperate of circumstances will we attempt utilize the open gusset, which requires Cirque du Soleil coordination and the precision of giving a urine sample into an eye dropper.  Most will enlist our BEST-EST friend or nearest inebriated stranger, to assist in the removal/replacement phase of the evacuation process.

I had to pause and recall how often I hear/see something and wonder “Does your brain hear/see the words coming out of your mouth/fingers?”  Then of course I had to ask….does mine??? OUCH!

How often do you wish you had an edit button?  Does the internet bring out the WTH-ness in people or simply put it on wider display?