This was the advice from the aforementioned Youngest Fruit aka Coach Ratchet.  Just the two of us in the car yesterday, I wondered aloud if I should find a different evening dress for an annual charitable event. (The new dress for 2013 arrived WAY TOO BIG and I have to decide to alter, or sell it and buy another one.) I’ve mentioned before my weight loss.  Last year, I purchased a FABULOUS schuper schmexy animal print dress that my body wasn’t quite ready for.   The dress fits now, and I pondered aloud “should I got for it and wear the leopard dress?”

“Drive it like you stole it Mom.” She said.

I laughed.  It was clever, surprising and unconditionally supportive.  That statement exemplifies how she tries to approach life.  Parenting SCORE!  Both Fruits, with the decision to steal the proverbial car made, go all in….drive it like they stole it.

Easy to do as children, teens and even as young adults to a lesser degree when we begin to see the possibilities of failure.  When we are fearless, unconcerned with judgement or embarrassment.

Tomorrow I will begin the Fast Draft process on my first novel.  I will be “driving it like I stole it”. Still pondering the the leopard dress.

Where in your life have you just gone for it?  Balls to the walls, leap without looking, thrown yourself into something? Does being a responsible adult make this impossible?

Tell me about your drive in a stolen car.