shit together“Yeah, no shit!” ROTFLMAO (typical facebook or twitter reply)

Then I started thinking about it. What exactly does having one’s shit together look like? Happy marriage? Financial freedom? Professional success? Physical fitness? Children off the pipe or the pole? Do I actually know anyone who has it together? Have I ever had it together?

Sure, I’ve known people who appeared to have it all figured out.  Peel back the curtain a bit and inevitably you will find life’s excrement tracked all over the proverbial carpets.  I think there have been times when I even managed a decent masquerade of shit togetherness.  The idea is so subjective I’m not sure we can ever be certain, and I’m pretty sure just when we begin to think we do have our shit together life shakes us up like a kid with a new snow globe. Which begs the question, are we supposed to?

When there is no conflict to resolve, no challenge to over come, no growth to be obtained in the process…when we have our shit together…then what? Or does having it together simply mean owning the challenges and dealing with them?

Is that your 2014 resolution? “To get my shit together.”  What does that mean to you? How do you do it?  Am I 12, and chose this topic to repeatedly use my favorite curse  in a blog post?