…win the lotto, become a saint, grow six inches (so width matches height), run the Boston Marathon in March, win the Pulitzer AND Nobel prize for literature, cure cancer, world peace.

THERE!  The perfectly unobtainable and therefore perfectly designed to fail and reaffirm every negative thought I’ve had about myself since discovering my boobs were not the same size in the 7th grade,  New Years resolution list.

Actually, I stopped making resolutions…kind of…a few years ago. I can never remember a time when I actually stuck with one. But I remember feeling like a total failure by Jan 8 for 20 consecutive years….HEY!  That’s today and I don’t feel like waste of oxygen who should be shot at dawn, or at least lashed to the pillory in the town square and flogged like Quasimodo.

Remember I said “kind of”??  I saw this graphic on December 29 and thought, “Hey! This is doable.  This is realistic improvement. These are accomplish-able goals that will reaffirm the positive.”

2014 ListBad Habit to Break…good Lord where to start???  OK, KB think think….Sodas? Procrastination? Facebook before putting on a bra? BINGO!  I will break the habit of getting on social media before getting dressed and ready for the day. Which will ensure that I am indeed READY for the day.

New Skill to Learn…In Sept I decided to learn how to make a decent cup of coffee so I CAN learn. Something computer related????  Maybe, but do I really need another excuse to sit here in my comfy chair?  Running? It’s not as easy an one might think.  Gardening?  Turn an enjoyable if half-hearted hobby into a summer bounty of goodness.  This “doable” list is not as easy as I thought and I’m only on the second thing!

Person I Hope To Be More Like…Pope Francis?  My writing partners? They are pretty grand dames! I think for this one is I going with these; “be the person my dog thinks I am”, “be better than I was yesterday”, “be a person I would want to be friends with.”

Good Deed…I have a plan. But I don’t know if it counts if I make a public display.  Suffice to say it’s in the works and connects to the above goal of being someone I would like.

Place to Visit…Leaving this one open ended to simply be prepared to accept any opportunity to see someplace new or different.

Book To Read….EASY!  MINE!

Letter to Write…I’m embarrassed to say my first thought was to write to someone to air a grievance or to a public official to let them know just how poorly they are doing their job. A letter to my kids? A friend?  To a teacher?  From my hero to the heroine….YEP that must be written even if it doesn’t survive the editing.

New Food to Try…This is tough. I’m fairly gastronomically adventurous.  However, inspired by CC Cedras and SA Young who by choice or circumstance have gone GF or practically GF, I am going to incorporate this change. Choosing GF options for myself and family.

Do Better At…grammar aside, I’m going to do better at staying focused on short term goals instead of getting overwhelmed by the whole list of things to do in 2014!

Do you make resolutions? What are your 2014 plans? What is on your TO DO list?