It’s Monday and time to take on the world! Again????

Start that diet. Begin exercising 30 minutes everyday. Write 1000 words and it’s not even NaNoWriMo. Keep a journal. Be a better friend. ALL in the next week.  However, by Wednesday we are scarfing donuts, surfing the internet, playing games and postponing returning texts or phone calls.

I have long been a proponent of eating the elephant in small bites, and yet I find even the seemingly manageable bites I carve out are often too overwhelming or I attempt too many small bites and end up with a banquet of To Dos King Henry would envy.  Last week I read a blog post about just such challenges and breaking the bites down to “stupid small” mini habits.

How Simple Mini Habits Can Change Your Life

Challenge accepted! I can do stupid small. Inspired by the author’s list I created my own list and invited friends to do the same.

Mini Habit Monday

Here’s my list

1. Write 50 words on WIP

2. Write 50 words for a blog post….LOOK LOOK LOOK I’m at 166 already!

3. Jog to the mail box and back

4. Clean ONE room

It’s three minutes past 7am and I can already mark #2 DONE! THAT is motivating. THIS I can manage.

I need to add one more.

5. Write Tuesday’s list before bed

How do you take on challenges? Do mini goals work best or do you find more motivation in big bites?  What would your Mini Habit list include?