As we see the faint flickering of that proverbial light in the tunnel, here are a few lines from Chapter 2.  ~ KRB

Frankie’s bejeweled clutch buzzed. BATHROOM 911

She looked across the ballroom to see Candace reading the same message. Candace, made eye contact with Frankie and mouthed “What happened?” Frankie only shrugged. In unison they gestured towards the exit leading to the nearest restroom.

Frankie tucked her notepad into her purse and signaled her photographer to keep snapping. Without breaking stride she nabbed a full tray of canapés from a passing waiter. Candace was moving quickly on her four-inch heels hoping not to be missed by their host.

“Did she get cold feet?” Candace whispered

“Wardrobe malfunction?” Franking said rapping lightly on the locked bathroom door.

Candace’s mouth dropped open when a half naked Kenna cracked open the door. “Malfunction may be an understatement.”

“What took you so long?” Kenna hissed. Frantically tugging on the top of an offending Lycra shaper. “I’m so sweaty. It’s like trying to stuff biscuits back into the can.”

Frankie rolled her eyes and held out the tray of appetizers. ”I stopped to make you these.”

“Sorry. Hey! Is that salmon?” Kenna stuffed a canapé whole into her mouth.

“Careful, you’ll pop those Spanx, Pillsbury.”

“Be sure to take a spinach one for your teeth.” Candace teased.

“Oh, ya’ll are funny! Help me!” Kenna swallowed hard, yanking and hopping around to get back into her underwear.

Candace grabbed one side of the torture device while Frankie set her tray by the sinks then began pulling the other. “I just know I won’t be able to get through the night without belching.” She tried to imitate Scarlett but wound up sounding like Kenna.

 “No shit, but I had to pee.” Kenna grunted.

Candace straightened the elastic. “Quick question. Why didn’t you go at home?”

“I did!