We’ve been working all week on our MUCH anticipated debut novel. Please enjoy the first meeting of Kenna and Lucius.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2015 KR Brorman

L&K dance

Lucius entered the ballroom in a halo of cold March air and the remains of cigars on the balcony, oblivious to the attention he and his fellow aficionados brought upon themselves. As he talked with his companions his hawkish eyes swept the room…

His gaze moved on uninterested, until it snagged on the curvaceous, pale blonde who stood poised at the top of the stairs. He watched, fascinated, as she raised her chin and started to speak, softly it appeared, to no one. His eyes narrowed suspiciously, suspecting the she was speaking to someone via a remote earpiece. He watched her mouth carefully, reading her lips. An infrequent smile tugged the corner of his mouth. “Good evening Mr. Henneby. So nice to meet you.”

His fingers tingled as he imagined the feel of her small waist and the curve of her hip swaying under his palm when she walked. He would later say it was as if someone had brought dozens of candles into the room.

A towering figure loomed at her side, invading her personal space. The light touch on her elbow made Kenna jump and jerk her head up.

“I believe this is our dance.”

He looked her up and down, more closely this time. Classic black dress, imitation jewelry, but nothing ostentatious enough to draw attention or inspection. And the shoes? His head cocked for a better look. Those were the real thing.

“You’re staring. Is there something you wanted?”

“Perhaps, I was enjoying your game and wanted to play.”

…he was lean and fluid. Even the way his hand held hers was a study in graceful strength. Long fingers gently curved around hers, and splayed at her waist.

This was not a date. It was time to get out of this mess.

He felt her tense and tightened his hold looking down into her wide green eyes. “Your examination finished?”

Blushing she looked away, and made a half-hearted attempt to step off the floor. “Thank you for the dance.”

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2015 KR Brorman


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