Let’s face it, we spend more time than we’d like to admit walking around with the back of our dress tucked into our panties.

theparenttrapdressBUT…(remember nothing matters before the “but”) some days we get it right. Those are the days worth celebrating. I’m not talking about BIG events.  Honestly, we can’t get a promotion, get married, run a marathon, have a birthday, have babies or welcome babies, get a new puppy or buy a new car every day.  For me, it doesn’t take much to get me doing the Rocky dance in my kitchen;


  1. Make the bed
  2. Clean up after dinner dishes
  3. Make-up on a stay at home day
  4. Write daily
  5. Fold and put away laundry
  6. Work out
  7. Groom Stella
  8. Save money for something or someplace special
  9. Be on time
  10. Any combination of the obove
  11. Blog over my breakfast!  – Dance with me, you know you want to 😉

rocky-training_171100_GIFSoup.comWhat makes you feel like you’ve “got this”?