The conversation started something like this…

“What do y’all think about each of us taking a day to commit to writing a blog post?  NO excuses….blah blah blah.”

“I’m in!”

“Me too!”

It’s not unlike deciding to climb into a storage box for some stair surfing. I guarantee the other two slid down smooth as silk first.  (See this week’s previous blog posts Celebrating a Little Victory and Fitbit So OWES Me) I’m the genius in the box today.


Monday, when we drew the proverbial straws, I was relieved to have Friday…YAY!  All week to think of something brilliant, funny, personal, poignant.

I discovered late Wednesday that JSB (The Son) and his girlfriend will be here Saturday.  SOOOO, a blog about the frantic housework demanded before company comes!

However, it is Holy Week. Perhaps something spiritual, and enlightening about the role of faith and tradition in our culture and lives would be more timely.

Better leave that to the professionals OR next Friday’s post about that Sunday during Lent where my closet purge and St Paul converged during the homily.

As I’m sitting here, I realize they are all connected. Writing & blogging, housekeeping, our faith and spiritual life all get better and easier when done with a commitment to do our best and consistency to do it even when our best isn’t all that great.

So here’s my Friday blog post. Then it’s clean sheets for the guest, with a swish around the toilets. And Good Friday prayers that each of you have a Blessed Easter.