I’ve spent way too much time on this.

I hear a catchy song, it sets a tiny hook in my brain – I don’t even know the lyrics, just that I pick up a line of chorus and it becomes my earworm for the foreseeable future.

Then I saw it performed on The Voice this week – one of my guilty pleasures – and I’m all, “Hey! Haven’t I seen that singer somewhere?” Turns out, it’s a Jonas brother. One of those guys that all look alike, kinda, and who I only remember for their famous chastity pledges.*

Anyway, I find out the name of the song is Cake By The Ocean and I’m all, “YouTube!” Who doesn’t love to eat cake by the ocean? Am I right? Just a little grit … OH! That’s not what this song means. That’s not at all what this song means.


It’s about sex on the beach, or, more accurately, it’s about sex. Having sex. It is not about the cocktail, Sex On The Beach – which I have never had by the way. But, in case you want one, here’s a recipe:

sex on the beach

  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 2 ounces peach schnapps
  • 3 ounces freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 2 ounces cranberry juice

Joe Jonas is pretty cute about how his new band – DNCE – came by the title and the catchy lyric for this song. It is not a euphemism, it is an example of how some things get lost in translation. As they were working with Swedish producers on their new music, the Swedes took “sex on the beach” into their lexicon and out came “cake by the ocean”.

I have been dancing around the house and singing this song so much, Fergus has started rolling his eyes at me. You know you’re not acting your age when a 10-month old puppy gives you the side eye.

Gratuitous pic of Fergus. You're welcome!

Gratuitous pic of Fergus. You’re welcome!

Does music ever catch your imagination (or your memories) and cause you to act like a teenager on Spring Break?

* What do you know? Joe Jonas is, you know, actually, sort of hot now. Is it wrong that a woman my age thinks so? One of the brothers is married, another has selfies of his muscles on the internet, then comes this song about having sex…I’m thinking the chastity shtick is in the past, no? Didn’t these guys used to be on the Mickey Mouse Club or something?!