“Mom, I want to watch it with you.”

I love you mommy

I love you mommy

I hung my head in torment. The fruit of my looms had just asked me to NOT watch ANY of Season 2 without her. Instantly I became a mathematical savant calculating the days, hours and minutes between the premier on April 9th and her scheduled homecoming the first week of May. There was an Easter visit, but family commitments didn’t allow for the full submersion required for proper viewing: phone and computers OFF, dark den, beverage and quiet snack of choice, empty bladder, death threats to any attempting to interrupt.

Holy shit!  That’s a WHOLE month!  So there I was, stuck in the moral morass. Quench the drought, DVR for her and lie my ass off, or wait because this creature I love asked me to. We’d made a ritual of watching Season 1 when she was still in High School and home. (She turned down social plans on Saturday nights for this. “I see them at school.”)

I set the DVR and nutted up, as my friend Holly would say.

NO Trailers….


No Facebook discussions…

No ScotlandNow

No Blurtlander

Certainly no wee gatherings.  Oh! the pangs of guilt simply reading that post.

I even avoided direct eye contact with The Chieftain….he is not pleased.

It was the longest Lent in the history of Lenting. (It’s my story I’m allowed some hyperbole – that’s writer talk for bullshitting) Ok, so it’s not a Steel Magnolia moment of kidney donation, or lifting a burning car. After this I’m convinced I could do both…naked…twirling a fire baton!

Some mothers get flowers, or breakfast in bed. The aforementioned Holly gets to sleep in and be left alone. I will get my annual day in the dirt with my Mom planting flower pots and making my yard pretty for Summer. Photos to come.

This year I get the bonus prize of a SIX hour Outlander marathon with ThePetiteKRB.  JSB isn’t so interested. I have no doubt were he in residence, he would graciously indulge me or even kick back and watch with us, until I gasp and swoon then he’s out! “Too weird Mom.”

And because a Mother’s post wouldn’t be complete without a little braggin’…


What are your Mother’s Day traditions?  What absurd things have you done for love?