For centuries we have assigned bad luck to the number thirteen – triskaidekaphobia – and especially Friday’s that fall on the 13th of the month – paraskevidekatriaphobia.

(Which doesn’t happen statistically any more than the 13th being on any other day according to Wiki, but makes a darn catchy tune. Yes, I had to look this up. Bring on the Scrabble board!!)

I overheard a conversation last night at church where one person stated “I’m not driving anywhere tomorrow.”  This amused me. Friday the 13th is not one of my personal superstitions, not like say…lifting your feet when driving over a railroad track -oh woe to the fool who lets the rumble touch your feet!, blowing on dice or carrying a silver dollar on your pocket.

My thinking is yes, drive!  All the thirteen-a-phobes will be home, but take your silver dollar just in case.

Is it simply human nature to be superstitious? To assign some magical prowess, for good or ill, to things over which we have little control – dates, moon phases, the color of cats or number of birds in the sky – in order to make sense out of the often randomness of life.

If we dodge the black cat we will avoid the accident, right?  When the truth is the black cat is hungry or wanting attention so walked between our feet, and in an effort to not step on him, we fall on our butt. True story. Was it bad luck? Or needy cat?

Are you afflicted with triskaidekaphobia?  Do you carry good luck charms? Refuse to wash your socks during playoffs? Play “Lucky Numbers” in the lottery?

ps – Next Saturday…dun dun duuuuunnnnn!