since i was helping mom at the computer this morning, she said i should just write today’s blog post. i’m just only 10 and a half months old (and i don’t have thumbs, duh), what can i write about? i’ll just start at the beginning.

mom brought me home when i was 11 weeks old.

i am only her first puppy, so she was pretty nervous. plus i had infections in my ears and she had to put nasty drops in them every day. yuck.

about a week after i moved in, i went butt first off a big wall and she broke her leg coming to save me. uh oh. hey, i know how to tuck and roll.

anyway, it was kind of fun teasing her when she couldn’t chase me. ha.

we went on a big airplane at christmastime. i had to stay in a little dark thing, but it had cool wheels! i don’t remember much about the airplane, i couldn’t see much except my mom’s feet and i slept all the time. at my grandmother’s house, there were fun people who played with me and i got lots of toys and treats for christmas.

that was the last time i had to eat the icky raw food. dr. kirby says no chicken for me. or corn. i’m “allergic” whatever that is. but my ears are better now. the bad thing is i can’t have popcorn anymore. well, i don’t think i get popcorn anymore, but mom gives me little chunks of stuff that looks like popcorn…it’s okay, i guess. i have to do tricks for it. mainly, i just like watching mom pop her stuff and every once in a while a few fly through the air and i get ‘em before mom can pick them up off the floor. ha.

mom says i’m not a normal dog ‘cause i don’t really like to eat my food, but she puts fun stuff in it like little bits of ham, or green beans, or carrots – sometimes a little scrambled egg – and i’ll eat it then. usually. sometimes. i like treats!

when i was a big boy in january, i went to the hospital where dr. kirby fixed a couple of things. owie! i had to wear a donut for a few weeks while my scars got better. it was a good pillow for naps!

i just graduated from beginner obedience school! i learned a few things, like sitting still (sometimes), walking on a leash without dragging mom around (sometimes), coming when mom calls me (i do that one really well, i think), and the trick i learned is rolling over and giving my mom a kiss. my best friend from class is bentley – he’s younger than i am, but way bigger. like maybe five or six times bigger than me. he’s very cool.

i got a sticker on my head ’cause i won the puppy pushup game!

sophie is my new little sister. she has the same mom as me! do you think we look alike?

we have lots of fun even if she is kinda small. she’s a pretty good wrestler.

yeah, i have a youtube channel, and i have my own facebook page.

what do i like to do? let’s see. i like to play, i like naps, chasing squirrels and birds, catching moths and butterflies. i like baths, too, and mom says i gotta go now ‘cause it’s time for one.

so, bye for now. thanks for reading about my life so far.

Fergus selfie

i like taking selfies when i’m working

ps – now i’m clean and fluffy, mom says we get to “go for a ride” (my favorite words!) to see aunt stacy and sophie! yay