You can feel it in the air. The excitement of the new and unknown – from pre-school to Ph.D. crossing a stage, and moving a tassel opens doors, even the best planning and preparation can’t predict where they may lead.

Last night as part of graduation celebrations for JSB’s (The son) girlfriend – Kelsey – I was invited to dinner with her family. The “kids” have met each others families, but this was the first time for us to meet.

Life prepared me for meeting new people. There was no anxiety about “will they like me? will I like them?” But parents and family meeting signals a change in the relationship. I’m not sure JSB & Kelsey fully appreciate the significance of that little gathering.

Of course every one was charming and funny and all of us delighted and proud for Kelsey’s achievement. (She’s moving on to PA school in a few weeks so BIG steps being made in her life.) And last night, was a greater inclusion of our family in her life beyond the college door. That’s quite an honor really.

I remember watching pre-graduation festivities of the class before JSB’s in high school and preparing myself for Sr. nights, and awards banquets so the waves of emotion didn’t slam on on the rocks…in public anyway. And I think from the first time we met Kelsey last Fall, we knew she was important to our son and knew whatever the outcome changes were inevitable. What they might be and how they would be manifested is the unknown.

If we notice plants in the garden not changing or growing, they’re probably dying. As much as we like comfort zones – that isn’t where the great things happen. So as unsure and confusing as things may be beyond the next door we have to go through it. Not always voluntary or exciting, but necessary.

alanwatts386511And if you’re lucky you get a lovely dinner, meet a nice family and have some lobster ravioli to take home.

Do you fret and hesitate or fight life changes or plunge in?