The planned topic for today was a third rail of platform building – politics. Live dangerously right?  Hoping to shed a positive light on what seems to be an epic train wreck from local dog-catcher elections to the highest offices across the globe.

In light of the tragedies involving law enforcement in the last 48-72 hours that isn’t possible. I couldn’t find my sunshine & silver linings this morning. Sometimes it feels like the world is imploding, and it is in these moments we must seek out the good and beautiful that cannot be touched by violence, corruption, greed, hatred, anger or fear.

Once I found that in my sweet babies but they aren’t babies anymore, faith – which is woefully dependent on my weak soul, family and friends both constant and ever changing.  These havens aren’t free from the taint seen daily on TV’s or news feeds.

Mercifully, some things will be forever untouched and joyful.  Fergus vs Roomba helped me this morning and here are some others.

It doesn’t matter what he’s saying. Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma reaches the darkest corner of my soul and lifts it.

As long as babies laugh, there is hope.


What shows you the light when you can’t find it? Maybe it’s a song. A photo. A verse. A piece of art. A memory. Please share for anyone looking into the dark.