Did you hear the Skweeees?!?!?!

Just a wee 6 hour road trip (each way) to Ardemore, Oklahoma. Met up with a bestie, Holly and her boys for a fun night.

Afterparty selfie with Holly

After-party selfie with Holly

Headed home this morning still singing!

The night started with an AWESOME performance from The Aaron Hendra Project  – Give them a Google!

Aaron Hendra performing Another Man’s War on Good Morning Texas. Even better live! You can listen to many of his songs and hear his story on Aaron Hendra YouTube Channel

AHP opened for Modern West. Did you know Kevin Coster had a band??  For like – YEARS!  Modern West has fun sound and I had an unexpected fangurl moment. I was fifteen or sixteen all over again…


Silverado (1985)

And to round out the night, my favorite Housewives!  A fan long before they were “Real” Tiffany Hendra & LeeAnn Locken.


I know there are some who might suggest I’m too old for fangurling or road tripping or half the other shit we get into….the good thing about being on this side of 40 – I don’t care.  Not much anyway. And life is a whole lot more fun this way.

Do you fangurl?  Do you roadtrip? Do you do things with “internet” or lifelong friends that make the your family roll their eyes?…like say write a book?