MjAxMy0zMzdhZTYyNDQzZmI5OTJjOkay, Okay, it wasn’t really trolling.  I was “momming (her) tweets”.

Tues, July 26. Verizon Msg: You have used all the data in your 30GB plan (cycle ends the 28th) etc etc.

Wed, July 27. Verizon Msg: You’ve used nearly 1GB more than the 30GB of data in your plan (cycle ends the 28th). Overage data for this cycle is $15 per 1GB. Thank you for choosing Verizon. 1:35PM <<< IMPORTANT

Yeah, no shit thank you! And this is where the story begins.

Buzzzzz – notification of Twitter posting from a child.  1:37PM <<<< TWO minutes

@daughter’s account: I don’t always snapchat, but when I do I’m probably bored on a tractor and they shouldn’t be opened in public #icantsing #sorrynotsorry

“She’s on Twitter and SNAPCHAT?!?!?”  (all numbers on the account get the overage notification)  “%$*&@#$ Sucking my bandwidth #$@%&#”

Me: jumping on twitter (yes I see the hypocrisy)                               @TheBlondeKB: @daughter’s account. You are also sucking my bandwidth to the tune on $15/GB over!!  #damnkids

INSTANT phone text message from Kate

Kate: Please stop momming my tweets

Me: Bwahahaha! No Way!


So I jump back to Twitter – If you’ve got the stick, might as well poke something, right?

@TheBlondeKB: #mommingmytweets #itsthelittlethings #shecanthurtmeifshesonthetractor

Buzzzzz – notification of Twitter posting.

@daughter’s account: Oh no, if you have a problem you come whisper it in my ear CoZTwtuUkAEFl7PShe DID NOT bring Mark into this!!!  There was only one thing I could do…..

@TheBlondeKB: Well played! #proudmom

I dug $15 in wrinkled wadded $1s out of the laundry money jar. This 1GB is on me.

Follow up text message:

Me: Bravo! Fist Bumps!

Kate: I know the weaknesses







Yep, she “mic dropped” Hiddles on me too!



ps – today we’re cleaning storage units. It’s not retribution I swear!