A few weeks ago, I shared with all of you the consequences of letting a Roomba run wild at night when the puppy has deposited a little pile of poo in its path.

In the days that followed, I continued to tinker with and clean the Roomba, at one point having it totally disassembled down to the motherboard.

roomba 1

When reassembled, I only had 4 leftover screws…

I ordered more than $100 of spare parts to replace what I thought might have gotten damaged with all the cleaning. In the end, it looked good, it’s programming seemed to be fine and yet she kept telling me “Error 5-left. Spin wheels to clean.” This after I’d completely replaced the wheel assemblies.


I fessed up to iRobot, telling them the sad truth. They were so compassionate! Seriously, they could have just said, “Poor, stupid you.” But, no, they said something to the effect, “Shit happens,” and then told me they’d send me a new one, requested I return the damaged one, and offered the remaining months of warranty on the new Roomba. Can you believe it? That’s what I call customer service.

They shipped it immediately, and I have been running it every night for six nights. Every morning I empty its bin choked full of the dog hair that collected in the weeks without the nightly patrol. Lest you think I’m a lousy housekeeper – no, really, both I and the lovely people who come every other week to clean my house have vacuumed the carpet and floors. I have emptied the big house vac canister in the attic and found it full of dog hair.


How in the world does this little guy still have such a lush coat?!

Sweet boy

Gratuitous pic of Fergus looking all sweet and innocent

On a totally separate topic, I was texting with one of my best friends forever last night – I was in a foul mood because I had been doing a huge favor that I didn’t ask to do for someone I don’t even know and, at the last minute, they just shrugged and said, “sorry, I’m going to be busy”. Huh. My BFF was texting me these adorable emojis of her cartoonized self. Have you guys seen these? I downloaded the bitmoji app (by and made my own. You should try it!

What kinds of things will lift your mood when it’s down? For me, it could be any number of things – playing on the computer, texting with my buds, playing with Fergus, reading or watching Law and Order reruns on TV. Having a wine spritzer. Or two. Depending.

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