tumblr_moc1cg6AQi1s56q19o1_400 Not that hand….THIS hand!


possibly the best image on the internet

How many times do we read about “piercing eyes”, “rippled/ripped abs”, “buns of steel”, “bulging guns” and “brawny chests”?  What about the symbol of touch, affection, strength left at the end of these perfect bodies?

My most recent reads, by excellent authors BTW, skimmed over this detail. At best we got “his large hand engulfed hers”. And??? Were the fingers long? Blunt? Short? Bruised from a fight? Did he grip her hand with Shrek-like sausages? Did he have callouses from the tools or better yet on his palms and trigger finger? Oh, the swoons!

While trudging through the bowels of the internet for visual aids….’cause I’m a giver like that AND employing CC & SA to help, because I have shit internet….there was a harmonic convergence. I’ll let you figure it out….

tumblr_lq61sp8y031qdfordtumblr_nk4pyyjn5R1u9wcz1o5_400Got it yet???  Another hint….

tumblr_m6ti2dWSgD1qbfcx6o1_500 tumblr_o2x5pi5QGG1tberpco8_400OK! OK!  I admit it’s some gratuitous Strong-Hiddles  hand porn….but there is a point. I suspect our friends in the UK have a class on using this appendage in acting classes.  Watch the movies.  Americans have their hands in their pockets or just dangling like trout. There are always exceptions that prove the rule but I stand by the observation after HOURS down the google images rabbit hole.

Focus K!  The point…much like Mark Strong, Tom Hiddleston and others use their hands to caress more out of a scene than mere dialogue can express, we too can employ hands in our stories. Let’s not forget how he holds a glass, toys with a pen, fingers a strand of hair and as observers/readers look for and appreciate where the hands can take us.

What characters have you read with good hands?  Does it matter to you?  What other actors use theirs well?  Are you a “hands person”?  Butt? Arms? Eyes? Voice….oh lawdy don’t get us started on aural stimulation!!!