Thank heavens for modern technology the DVR and reverse feature. “Did you see that?” is the phrase most heard in our house this week. Followed by, “Go back! Go back!”

No matter what country of origin, it’s exciting to watch these amazing athletes. Fiji Rugby!!!


Fiji Men’s Rugby – Gold Rio 2016

How about those who never give up on the dream?  And make us couch potatoes get up and move.

Uzbekistan’s Oksana Chusovitina is 41 and she was AWESOME!  Mary Hanna ,61, of Australia is competing in her fifth Olympics. And America’s Philip Dutton, 52, won his first individual medal in six trips to the Olympics, Bronze in Equestrian Eventing.

553862_re_oksana-chusovitina-41-year-old-gymnast-stuns-on-the-vault-at-7th-olympics-8212-watchMary Hanna (AUS) and Sancette-1437phillip-dutton-on-mighty-nice_1b9zz9uss6gzr13d03p6sgtw50

But it’s hard to deny the lump in the throat when your country’s flag is raised, the National Anthems play, athlete’s chins quiver and moms are crying in the stands.

APTOPIX Rio Olympics Swimming

Simone Manuel – Gold, 100m Freestyle, Rio 2016

The Summer of 2016, which let’ face it, was reading like a global exercise in human failings, has a wonderful bright light in the Olympians of Rio!


USA, Team Gold, Rio 2016 I just love these kids!

Are you glued to the TV?  What events or athletes have stood out most so far?


ps – watching fencing as I write….this is fierce!