I’m just full of cautionary tales, these days, right? Up to now, I’ve been the one to screw up or have a run of bad luck. That hasn’t changed, by the way, but this week I get to tell you about what happened yesterday to a dear friend. #stilllaughing #Imabadbadfriend


My friend is a very accomplished professional who devotes much of her time to a worthy cause in a major metropolitan area. Yesterday, in her professional capacity, she went to a tough part of her city, a neighborhood undergoing gentrification. After she completed her tasks, she stopped in to a local and very popular diner for a bottle of water.

She was in her car on the way back to the office when she realized that she had left not only her iPhone on the checkout counter, but also her iPad. Obviously unable to call anyone, she turned around to go back to the diner – hoping all the while that everyone’s better selves were in operation that day and that her tethers to the world would still be there when she got to the diner.

Good news! Yes! The nice lady at the checkout counter said they had her devices and returned them to my friend. Who then asked if she could use the restroom and was told, “of course”. She assures me the restroom was very clean. However, not being comfortable putting her purse on the floor, she perched it on the sink.


A sink that has one of those faucets with a motion sensor…

While my friend was otherwise engaged, her purse slid off into the sink activating the faucet, which then proceeded to fill her purse with lovely water, drowning her iPhone.

The iPhone is now in intensive care in hopes that it can be saved and its SIM card is destined for a temporary home in an old spare, but let this be a lesson to you! Even though those motion sensor faucets never work when you pass your hands in front of them, they work like a champ if an inanimate object like, say, your purse – or maybe a rare first edition of Tolstoy’s War and Peace – slides in front of them.

I wouldn’t call this schadenfreude, exactly, but I do feel a bit better.