Not Paradise, but a few precious days of down time and battery recharge.

It’s been a standing joke in my house that my “real” birthday present was the first day of school, often landing on or near August 24. We won’t tell the precious fruits of my looms that I actually missed them in that first week…and not the point today.

I’ve been blessed the last couple of years to be able to enjoy multiple celebrations, with family and friends over the course of several days and different locals, kicking off my “Mom-a-palooza” accompanied by an epic, indulgent, good natured eye rolling from the a fore mentioned fruits.

This first leg, traditionally, is actually full immersion in NOT momming. No wondering if everyone has underwear, food or fun, AND someone else makes the bed everyday!!  THAT my friends is a vacation.


Pressies! It’s like they know me!

So while I haven’t managed to sleep for double digit hours with Holly …yet, I have enjoyed learning the joy of Pokemon capture at 7am with Celine and midnight sliders with Cheryl. And what’s a vaca without a trip to Wal-mart….


Celine and I are Starbucks bound now…..Happy Friday!!!