The Petite KB here, aka “The Fruit”, taking on yet another one of KB’s tasks. After a week of vigorous cleaning and laundry folding to prepare for company that KB was not present for, I am now the “Guest Blogger” while we drive down to Stephenville, TX for college drop off round 2. As I began to write I started to notice a pattern with the passing of KB’s chores to moi. Slightly sensing a conspiracy but at the same time I feel like PeeWee Herman driving the convertible. imageLooking back on this drive a year ago, I’ve noticed some similarities and some differences. For example, my ability to accumulate shit is a never failing skill I obviously learned from a master *cough, cough* On the other hand, a feeling of wonder and excitement filled me last year, but all I feel now is the dark cloud of adulthood looming close behind me. Little does it know it will never catch up to me unless of course it’s holding a free pizza, or driving a white van with “Free Candy” spray painted on the side. Or wear nice suits and have good one-liners.imageThis fruit obviously did not fall very far.

Good luck to everyone going back to school, and thanks for letting PeeWee drive.

Yours Truly, KRB 2.0