late, Monday, panic, S.A. Young

I exclaimed as I looked at my clock this morning.

“Welcome to Monday”, the Universe replied.

train, commute, rush, Monday, S.A. Young, late

Don’t you hate it when your day starts in a panic, followed by a mad rush to get out the door? It just sets the tone for the rest of it.

Even my coworkers seem to be suffering from “a case of the Mondays”. One was late because his eleven-year-old daughter refused to get out of bed (and really, I don’t blame her. Bed would have been a particularly nice place to stay on this first real “September-ishy” morning, preferably burrowed under the covers), the other because of a three car fender-bender just as he got off the highway. Granted, the people in those three cars are definitely having a far worse start to the day than we are, but you get my point.

Oh yeah, and then this happened

coffee, Monday, spill, late, S.A. Young

Did I mention that I have a meeting I forgot about that starts in about ten minutes?

My Monday song:

So, how’s your day going? Have a good week, my friends!