Last week I got on the bathroom scales for the first time in over a month.

liarTEN pounds??  Is that right? Maybe if I step off and try again? I look in the mirror for a big arrow pointing to where exactly it is. Maybe, there’s something stuck to the bath towel…oh! SMH the towel!  Nope still ten pounds sans towel!  Well shit!

That explains the underwear wrestling lately…

when-youre-trying-cuddle-loveseatHow did that happen?  I had 75% of my stomach removed to prevent this…right…right..ooooh right!  “It’s a tool not a miracle.”

Actually I know exactly what happened. My annual oil check & tire rotation was in July and I was hyper aware in the weeks leading up to that visit that an authority figure would be logging that mystical magic gravitational number on a chat thus determining my value as a human being for the next year. (We all have THAT number, and it doesn’t matter if you are about to take on American Ninja or take Stella to the mail box.)  And I made my “value” number. No it wasn’t my idea fighting weight, but it wasn’t one that makes me feel like Pizza The Hutt*.

What happened was, after I wasn’t embarrassed or defeated by the all mighty number at the doctor’s office. I relaxed. Not just for a day, or a special weekend…..for the last two months I stopped paying attention.  I wasn’t over the top with the cookies & wine, most of us aren’t, and that’s how ten, twenty, fifty sneak up on us over a few weeks or months. Not being mindful of proper care of ourselves.

Then there is a wake up call! A call to action!  A call to pay attention.  No one has the same call. The same action plan doesn’t work for every one, but I’ll share mine and the progress to get this Summer Ten Monkey off my back(side).


  • Eating clean. For me this is cutting out sugar, gluten (no allergy or sensitivity, simply a recommended dietary choice that I know works for me) and cooking/eating the best quality I can – a drizzle of chili infused olive oil makes everything yummy.
  • Water, water, water 100+ ounces a day (C.C., S.A. and I participated in a face book challenge a couple of weeks ago that included 7 pints of water a day – 112oz – skin, joints, cognitive function, digestion benefit from proper lubrication)
  • Move it, move it. (this is a no brainer. We cannot out exercise a bad diet, but we can help a good diet along. And for ME…the action plan works better if there is a dedicated time for fitness, another tool to stay mindful)

Since my date with the scale, sugar consumption has been about 80%, water intake is on target, and exercise is back on the routine.  Down 2lbs the first ten days. YAY!

How about a mud mask reward while we blog?

imageWhat is your wake up call? What is on your action plan? What are your reward(s)?


*Spoof character from Mel Brooks’ “SpaceBalls” – I couldn’t bring myself to post a photo, he creeps me out. 😉